Imagine your life being happy and calm despite the everyday chaos.

If you need a lasting change in life, you’re in the right place.

Health & Wellness Coaching and resources to overcome chronic high stress and anxiety.

Creating a balanced, JOYFUL LIFE OF FLOW & EASE.

Studies show that stress is a factor in 75-80% of all illnesses! We know that chronic stress can lead to poor health and reduced quality of life, which then creates more stress.

Imagine a life without drowning in anxiety and worries. Our Strategic Health & Wellness Coaching helps transform your life, to find that balance you long for.

It’s Time to Flow & Thrive

Satisfying Work-Life Balance
Strategic systems to create
more flow & ease, less chaos

Enhanced Mind & Body Health
Regulate emotions and overcome chronic anxiety without medication

Proven Methods for More Calm
Gain skills to be clear-minded in
overwhelming situations

Boost Productivity & Happiness
Find the fulfillment and joy in
life and work that you’ve searched for

About Flow & Thrive Wellness Coaching

Vanessa Wray ⌔  Health & Wellness Coach, TIPI Specialist for Emotional Regulation, B.S. Public Health

I help those with chronic high stress lifestyles, create a life of joy and calm through Resilience & Emotional Regulation Coaching.

In struggling with a life of traumatic experiences beginning in childhood, I discovered firsthand the skills needed to come out of stifling stress and depression.

With the knowledge from this life experience and now, as a happily busy mother, coach, and entrepreneur, I take joy in the ability to connect with people and their stories.

Together with insights from neuroscience and psychology, on ways to master the mind, brain and behavior; I blend my lifelong study of holistic health, and the mind-body connection. Together with clients, we shift lives of overwhelming stress, into ones of joy, fulfillment and resiliency.

What is Flow?

A life that flows is when you’re fully absorbed and focused on whatever it is you do. You feel energized, joyful and engaged in your tasks. You worry less and simply enjoy the experiences at hand.

The modern world is filled with distractions, stress and chaos. It’s hard to feel flow and ease in what we do.

It’s time to get into “The Flow”. Time for that transformation you’ve been needing- to fill your life and work with balance and purpose- so it’s more about happiness and ease, less about stress and anxiety.

You CAN be more calm, engaged, clear minded and even more energized and healthy!


Our Strategic Health & Wellness Coaching will get you there.

With Flow & Thrive Coaching you’ll gain tools to flourish healthily in a world that encourages the opposite.

Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

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